Adding WordPress templates to NetBeans

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If you’ve written more than a couple of WordPress plugins odds are good you’ve copied and pasted the plugin sample readme.txt file into your project. Just sat down to start on my 7th plugin and figured there had to be a better way than Googling for the template, opening it, copying, and pasting. NetBeans makes… Read more »

When is the right time to ditch a website?

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Several years ago I registered a domain name,, that sounded like one of those cool web 2.0 type domain names. Originally I wanted to create my own content management system, but as I started down that road I decided that I would rather make plugins and themes on top of WordPress instead. That way… Read more »

Installing my own WordPress plugins

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Twice today that I’ve needed to install my Auto Future Post WordPress plugin to a blog that didn’t have it yet. A little odd searching for yourself on the WordPress extend library, but it’s pretty easy to find when you know exactly what you’re looking for. And it says something about how easy it is… Read more »

Auto Future Post Date WordPress Plugin

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Need a way to automatically schedule posts for X number of days past your current latest post? On another blog I write a handful of posts at a time and schedule them out over several days.  But I have to keep going back and forth to the post list to check dates.  This plugin adds… Read more »

Moving WordPress Plugins

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A couple years ago I setup a website to let me play around with creating WordPress plugins and themes. Turns out it’s never gotten much traffic, so I’m going to start using this site instead. Shouldn’t really matter all that much other than the other site is just going to sort of wither away. This… Read more »

Set WordPress image to “none”

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Been using WordPress for a while now. Heck, this blog has been running WP since 2007. So it’s really sad that it took until today for me to figure this out. Putting an image inline to a post defaults to link to a new attachment page for that image. As often as I remembered to,… Read more »

Kicked out a quick WordPress plugin

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Yesterday I went about trying to figure out how to get my latest Tweet up in the header of this site. After looking at a couple of dozen Twitter plugins for WordPress I decided to write my own when I couldn’t find one that worked like I wanted it to. The result is Just A… Read more »

Finally installed WPTouch plugin

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Like about 2 million other people, I finally downloaded the WPTouch WordPress plugin allowing this site to have a phone friendly version. So far I’m liking it, and it looks much better than the other plugins and themes I checked out. This one really does look like an iPhone program, which is cool even tough… Read more »

Starting a blog vs starting a forum

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I’m a bit addicted to starting web sites. While WordPress is my go to software, I’ve been leaning towards forum software recently. While I like the idea of blogging because I can put pretty much whatever I want online, I can do the same with a forum. And a forum has the advantage that other… Read more »

Just finished up a couple of WordPress plugins

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Needed a break from a larger web app I’m working on and this weekend kicked out a couple of WordPress plugins that I’ve had on my idea file for a while now. The first is called rTwit and lets you embed any Twitter feed you want into a post or page. Most of the Twitter… Read more »