JavaScript version of PHP __FILE__ or __DIR__

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This is one of those issues I keep coming back to.  I need a way to get the path of the current JavaScript file.  Something analogous to the PHP __DIR__ constant or dirname(__FILE__). Found something close on Stack Overflow.  The solution there gets the entire file.  A bit of substring and lastIndexOf and I had… Read more »

My checklist for setting up a WordPress site

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Found myself setting up another WordPress blog this afternoon – blatant link plug – and got to thinking that I do the same steps every time I setup a new blog, and probably should write them down.  So here are my steps.  They may be a little different on your end, and I’d like to… Read more »

’bout time for a new theme

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Seemed like a good time to change themes here… and after searching around for a couple of hours the one I liked best was the TwentyTen theme that comes with WordPress. Go figure. Needs a little more customization, but it’s a start.

…and a test post with myWeblog

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Found another offline WordPress editor to try on my MacBook. This time it’s myWeblog 2.1. I like the looks of it. Seems very Mac-like, which I suppose is a good thing. One of the things I’m most looking for, and so far only found in myWeblog, is the ability to edit pages. WYSIWYG would be… Read more »

Do categories matter on blogs?

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Tags and categories seem to provide pretty much the same functionality on blogs. The only difference I can see is that a blog typically has a handful of categories, but may have hundreds of tags. With that, does it make sense to even use categories anymore? I’m thinking not, so I’m going to go with… Read more »

First post with MarsEdit

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If you read the post up from this you’ll see that I just tried out Qumana and wasn’t all that happy with it. It was nice to be able to blog without logging into WordPress, but it had a couple of deal breakers for me. Unfortunately none of the free solutions I’ve come across have… Read more »

First look at Qumana

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Trying something new again.  The WordPress iPhone app that I posted about a few days ago was nice, but it doens’t work well for longer posts.  Nothing against the app.  But  I can type pretty quickly and it’s frustrating to have to slow down for the little keyboard.  Fortunately I have my MacBook with me… Read more »

Blogging from an iPhone

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Let’s see how this goes. I’m writing my first blog post from my iPhone. A few months ago I tried the WordPress app version 1 point something. Couldn’t figure out if it supported tag, and I prefer using tags over categories. Fortunately I came across version 2.1 today and it works without a hitch.

WordPress release archive

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Didn’t know this was around, but looking for older versions of WordPress to test plugins against I found the WordPress release archive.  Looks like you can find pretty much every release they’ve put out.

How to wrap a SMF forum in WordPress

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After spending the better part of yesterday getting a forum setup with the same layout as its parent WordPress site I thought I’d share a couple of tips along the way. And I picked a less efficient way, including wp-blog-header.php in the forum code, because it was far easier. At some point I may go… Read more »