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Starting a blog vs starting a forum

I’m a bit addicted to starting web sites. While WordPress is my go to software, I’ve been leaning towards forum software recently.

While I like the idea of blogging because I can put pretty much whatever I want online, I can do the same with a forum. And a forum has the advantage that other people can start conversations as well. Blog commenting is cool, but there’s no way for a visitor to start a conversation on a blog.

The other side though is that a forum with just one lone geek posting away is sort of sad where with a blog it’s a bit expected.

Any downsides to starting a forum and just treating it like a blog? Posting away without worrying about anybody signing up and treating anyone that does as a bonus.

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  1. Since this was almost exactly a year ago, seems like it might be in need of an update.

    I’m leaning back towards blogs instead of forums. Since this post I’ve started a couple of forums, but nothing that took off other than a few sporadic postings and spam attacks. Admittedly, that’s my fault for not posting or promoting them enough.

    Don’t know the reason, but it’s easier for me to stay motivated to post on a blog compared to a forum. And if I don’t post for a few weeks it’s not quite as detrimental to a blog. Sure, a blog that’s not updated is kind of sad, but not nearly as empty looking as a forum without anything new.

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