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First post with MarsEdit

If you read the post up from this you’ll see that I just tried out Qumana and wasn’t all that happy with it. It was nice to be able to blog without logging into WordPress, but it had a couple of deal breakers for me.

Unfortunately none of the free solutions I’ve come across have looked to do what I wanted. So it’s off to try a few of the free demos. The first one I’m looking at is MarsEdit.

First look at Qumana

Trying something new again.  The WordPress iPhone app that I posted about a few days ago was nice, but it doens’t work well for longer posts.  Nothing against the app.  But  I can type pretty quickly and it’s frustrating to have to slow down for the little keyboard.  Fortunately I have my MacBook with me pretty much 24/7 so I’m giving an offline editor a try.

The one I’m trying right now is a free one called Qumana.  It looks like it’s a way to get bloggers to use their ad network, but it doesn’t seem that you have to.  

How to wrap a SMF forum in WordPress

After spending the better part of yesterday getting a forum setup with the same layout as its parent WordPress site I thought I’d share a couple of tips along the way.

And I picked a less efficient way, including wp-blog-header.php in the forum code, because it was far easier. At some point I may go back and cache the WordPress pieces on the blog side and use those cache files on the SMF side, at which point none of this would be necessary. But for now it’s working.