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My checklist for setting up a WordPress site

Found myself setting up another WordPress blog this afternoon – blatant link plug – and got to thinking that I do the same steps every time I setup a new blog, and probably should write them down.  So here are my steps.  They may be a little different on your end, and I’d like to hear any thoughts, but this post is at least partially so I have a place to go next time so I don’t have to try and remember everything.

  • Register domain name – I use GoDaddy, but it really doesn’t matter who you use
  • Login to WHM and create the account.  I’ve got a dedicated server so it doesn’t cost anything extra to make a new site, just a little time
  • Download, unzip, and upload WordPress to the new site
  • Create the MySQL database in cPanel
  • Go to the new site and do the WordPress install
  • Upload the theme, customizing if necessary
  • Activate Akismet
  • Add Google Analytics and Adsense code to the theme
  • Write a post!
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