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Needed a break from a larger web app I’m working on and this weekend kicked out a couple of WordPress plugins that I’ve had on my idea file for a while now.

The first is called rTwit and lets you embed any Twitter feed you want into a post or page. Most of the Twitter plugins I came across either let you put a tweet this button on your post or displayed your Twitter feed.  But, for an Apple blog I’m working on I wanted a way to embed different Twitter feeds into each page.  That way if I write about a program, and that author tweets I can embed their feed into the post. You can see it in action here.  Look at the tabs on the bottom next to comments.

And the other lets me automatically pick a future date for a post based on scheduled posts that are already in place.  That way I can schedule posts without having to go back and look at a calendar each time.  A bit of Ajax and it works like a champ.  It’s called Auto Future Post.

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