WordPress permalink shortcode

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This morning I needed a quick way to have the permalink for a WordPress post as part of the text. Sure, there’s already the get_permalink()method, but I don’t have PHP parsing turned on in WordPress. So I made a very small shortcode function. If you add this little snipped to your theme functions.phpfile you’ll add… Read more »

Always Edit in HTML WordPress plugin

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This is another one of those plugins that I’d thought about writing and Google kept me from needing to. Sometimes when building a WordPress site I’ll need to create pages using straight HTML instead of the WYSIWYG editor. Without fail though I’ll accidentally click on the Visual tab and the editor will clear out most of my… Read more »

Margins around MathJax equations in WordPress

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Love the MathJax plugin for WordPress. Makes it really easy to insert equations, assuming you’re somewhat familiar with Latex formatting. Problem is, there is always no space below the equation. I’ve been just hitting enter a couple of times after the closing latex tag, but I wanted a better solution. Since there’s a syntax attribute… Read more »

Plain Text Custom Post Type

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Just uploaded a plugin to the WordPress SVN that creates a plain text custom post type. It’s a post that has absolutely no formatting, and even strips out the WordPress theme leaving just the text. What’s the point? I’m playing around with a network installation of WordPress. One of the sites that I’m moving to… Read more »

A couple of new WordPress plugins

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Had some free time this week and kicked out a couple new WordPress plugins for another site I’m working on. Plain Text Custom Post Type adds a new custom post type to WordPress that outputs as just plain text. What it was written for, and what I’m using it for, is to allow me to… Read more »

Get WordPress posts with one of two meta key values

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Been working on a project for the past couple of days, and spent a bit of time this morning trying to get WordPress to do something. As usual, WordPress came through. Just took me knowing what to enter. What I’m working on is a plugin that adds to the <head> section of a page based… Read more »

Amazon Images plugin for WordPress

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Every now and then I like to link to Amazon products, along with an affiliate tag. Nothing spammy. But I figure if I’m going to link to something that they make money off of, I might as well try to make a bit as well, right? Downside is that the link builder inside Amazon typically… Read more »

Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin

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This is one of those plugins that I wish I’d been using for years. Those that “know” such things say that you’re supposed to spread your posts out and not dump a bunch on one day. Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve always done. I started using a small plugin that I wrote a few… Read more »

Series Tag WordPress Plugin

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Just finished a new WordPress and am now just waiting for the WP plugin people to create the SVN folder for it it’s up and ready for download. It’s called Series Tag and adds a short code that will display a list of all posts with a specific tag. I wrote it because I want to… Read more »