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A couple of new WordPress plugins

Had some free time this week and kicked out a couple new WordPress plugins for another site I’m working on.

Plain Text Custom Post Type adds a new custom post type to WordPress that outputs as just plain text.

What it was written for, and what I’m using it for, is to allow me to edit a JavaScript file from within WordPress. The site it’s written for is a WordPress network site and I didn’t want to have to worry about customizing a theme for just one blog or uploading through FTP.

You also have the option of automatically linking the files in the head section of your theme if it’s a JavaScript or CSS file.

The other plugin is called Insert JavaScript and CSS. Similar to the other, but this one lets you put attach JavaScript or CSS to a post or page. Written for the same site as the other, there were pages that I needed to attach a bit of JavaScript to easily and none of the existing plugins I tried would do exactly what I wanted without a lot of overhead.

When I get a chance I’ll put up a more detailed post on both of these, but if you follow the links above you can go to the WordPress plugin site and download from there.

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  1. Had a thought for the plain text cpt plugin that may be something I play around with over the next few days.

    It would be pretty slick if the plugin could automatically, optionally, minify the CSS or JavaScript entered.

    Also need to make sure that the file cache correctly. The plugin sends a Last Modified header based on when the post was last updated. But it’s likely that there’s more to it than that, especially since the page doesn’t end with .css or .js.

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