Use topic text for meta description in bbPress

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I’m using bbPress on a couple of support forums. But a few days ago I went to share a thread on Facebook and noticed that the description coming from WordPress with Yoast SEO installed is showing the first part of the page content. In my case it was something like “This thread contains 2 voice,… Read more »

Always Edit in HTML WordPress plugin

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This is another one of those plugins that I’d thought about writing and Google kept me from needing to. Sometimes when building a WordPress site I’ll need to create pages using straight HTML instead of the WYSIWYG editor. Without fail though I’ll accidentally click on the Visual tab and the editor will clear out most of my… Read more »

How to remove .lead CSS class from parent theme

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I’ve usd the 320press Bootstrap WordPress theme as a parent theme on a couple of projects, including this site. Overall, it’s great. But there’s been one little nagging “feature” that I’d like to get rid of. The theme adds a lead class to the first paragraph of each post. And the parent CSS for .lead… Read more »

Rewrite of the Insert JS & CSS Plugin

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Turns out the Insert JavaScript & CSS plugin needed some serious rewriting. And rather than patching together what I had already written, I just started over and what came out was a much better plugin. It’s moved homes as well. My plugins are going to move back to And I don’t plan on taking… Read more »

Meta Shortcode plugin for WordPress

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Needed a way to display meta field info in a post as part of a site rebuild I’m working on. The meta shortcode plugin adds a short code to WordPress that will display the contents of a meta field if it exists, and optionally something else if it doesn’t. Download You can get the plugin… Read more »

Updated Plain Text CPT Plugin

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Had to do a quick update for my Plain Text Custom Post Type WordPress plugin. Right now I’m only using it one site, and I’ve never noticed a problem until this week. The JavaScript wasn’t working from another computer. Turns out it was conflicting with the stats module in Jetpack. Jetpack inserts a bit of… Read more »

Margins around MathJax equations in WordPress

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Love the MathJax plugin for WordPress. Makes it really easy to insert equations, assuming you’re somewhat familiar with Latex formatting. Problem is, there is always no space below the equation. I’ve been just hitting enter a couple of times after the closing latex tag, but I wanted a better solution. Since there’s a syntax attribute… Read more »

Trouble with textarea in TinyMCE Editor

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Came across an issue where the TinyMCE editor inside WordPress was stripping out <textarea> tags as I switched between the HTML and Visual editors, and the page I was working on needed a textarea. After digging through Google I came across a pretty good reason. A textarea inside another textarea can cause problems so they’re… Read more »

Plain Text Custom Post Type

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Just uploaded a plugin to the WordPress SVN that creates a plain text custom post type. It’s a post that has absolutely no formatting, and even strips out the WordPress theme leaving just the text. What’s the point? I’m playing around with a network installation of WordPress. One of the sites that I’m moving to… Read more »