Regex for Twitter username

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Working on a small weekend project I needed an easy way to validate that a string contained a valid Twitter username. Not necessarily an active account, but that could be an account. Found the rules on Twitter’s site that a username can be between 1 and 15 characters and can contain only the characters A-Z,… Read more »

Posting to Twitter with PHP and OAuth class

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Needed a bit of an update on a font site I threw up a few years ago. Specifically I wanted to put a script together to tweet a random font each day. Should have been easy since I already had a script that tweeted new fonts, although it’s been a bit behind since I haven’t… Read more »

Twitter mention spam is a pain

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Guess I’m just used to e-mail spam. It’s just always there and Spam Bayes does a pretty decent job of taking care of it. But Twitter mention spam is more irritating. Probably just because it’s relatively new, but irritating anyway. For those that aren’t Twitter types, any time that somebody puts @yourusername is a tweet… Read more »

Going to try cross posting with Twitter

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Came across a WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools today. Like most of the 10,000 other Twitter plugins it lets me tweet for each of my blog posts. But this one also promises to go the other way creating a blog post for each tweet. Maybe a touch of overkill cross posting between the two, but… Read more »

Just finished up a couple of WordPress plugins

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Needed a break from a larger web app I’m working on and this weekend kicked out a couple of WordPress plugins that I’ve had on my idea file for a while now. The first is called rTwit and lets you embed any Twitter feed you want into a post or page. Most of the Twitter… Read more »

Should you delay retweets?

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Finally noticed the schedule tweet button in TweetDeck this morning.  I have a knack of sending out tweets in batches, and since it annoys me when others tweet 20 in rapid succession it probably irritates others when I do the same. Got me thinking though.  Would it be better to schedule retweets as well?  Not… Read more »

Predicting the stock market with Twitter

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Looks like there may be more to Twitter than just a list of what everybody’s cat is doing. Researchers at Indiana University used 10 million tweets to gauge the collective mood of the users and have been able to predict rises and falls in the Dow Jones with almost a 90% accuracy. More at: and PHP

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Needed a quick and easy way to create a URL for another site of mine. Google came through for me. David Walsh posted a short PHP function on his site that takes your login, API key, and the URL to shorten and returns a nice, short link. Link: Just put the… Read more »

Should have joined Twitter earlier

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For whatever reason, Twitter just never really appealed to me. The idea of limiting myself to 140 characters seemed, well, too limiting. And my first few skims of Twitter had too high of a junk to good stuff ratio. But after finally dragging myself to give it a shot, finding a few people to follow,… Read more »