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I’ve been tweaking this site over the past few days, and one of my thoughts was to put my latest tweet in the sidebar. It’s easy enough to embed a timeline, but I couldn’t easily find a way to do just the latest single tweet.

I did spend a bit of time looking into an API solution, but that seemed like more effort than I was willing to go through.

Turns out it’s really easy.

I pasted the code below into a Custom HTML sidebar widget, replacing Username with my actual Twitter username.

<a class="twitter-timeline"
Tweets by @Username</a>
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

And that was it. Up pops my latest tweet.

Turns out I really didn’t like it there, so I turned back off. It may come back later, but either way I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time messing around.

What’s it look like?

Since it’s not in the sidebar for now here’s what it would look like.

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