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Set WordPress image to “none”

Been using WordPress for a while now. Heck, this blog has been running WP since 2007. So it’s really sad that it took until today for me to figure this out.

Putting an image inline to a post defaults to link to a new attachment page for that image. As often as I remembered to, I would change that to none so that the image wouldn’t link and I’ve always wondered why that wasn’t the default anyway.

Today Google helped out with a solution.

If you go to yoursite/wp-admin/options.php it will show a list of every option in the WordPress database, and let you edit most of ’em. The one you’re looking for is image_default_link_type.

The option we're looking for

Set it to none and images will no longer link by default. You’re still able to click the buttons to change the link type if you want.

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  1. Doesn’t seem to be working right in WordPress 3.3. With this setting at none, I’m not able to change the link at all. Changing it to an empty string seems to allow it though.

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