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Bit of a duh moment after finally finding a solution to this.

What I needed was a way to print a single frame out of a Flash project. Pretty easy to print the first frame, or all frames, but I just missed the simple step to print a single frame.

First, go to File -> Page Setup and select All Frames and Actual Size from the dropdowns under Layout.

Page Setup Dialog

Click Ok and then go to File -> Print and select the page range you want to print. In this case only frame 35 will print.

Selecting only frame 35

Click print and it’ll print just the frame you want.

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  1. Ryan

    Maybe I just can’t count, but it seems to have issues when there’s multiple scenes. Let’s say I have 3 scenes with 100 frames each. Seems like frame 210 should be the 10th frame in the last scene, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. The times I’ve tried it an unexpected frame printed out. Guess I need to dig a bit…


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