Running VirtualBox headless from the command line

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I use VirtualBox for testing a couple of web applications. But I found myself using the same image for two different projects, but switching the memory back and forth between 512mb and 2gb. 512mb was more than enough for one of the projects; but the other, running a Dockerized version of Canvas; would use every… Read more »

Cannot Communicate with the Scanner

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A few months ago I bought an Epson DS-510 scanner to try and keep up with the ever growing mound of paper that you deal with. And overall it’s been a great scanner. It’s fast. Scans duplex. And the scans look good. But there’s been one nagging issue and that’s a Cannot Communicate with the Scanner… Read more »

XAMPP Slow on Windows 10

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Is XAMPP slow? I’ve used XAMPP for pretty much as long as I’ve been doing web development. It makes it trivial to get Apache, MySQL, and PHP set up.Since upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 though I’ve noticed it was running much slower. I just assumed that XAMPP is slow. There was also an… Read more »

Epson DS-510 jamming on long receipts

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A couple of months ago we bought an . Although I haven’t run it long enough to know how well it holds up, it’s been doing really well so far. One big snag though. The goal was to scan receipts. And most of the time it worked flawlessly. But really long receipts would always jam, even… Read more »

How to post to Pinterest with node.js

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For another site I needed a way to automatically post to a Pinterest board. It’s a WordPress site, but I didn’t want the posting to be based on when a post went live. I needed a way to automatically post whatever the newest post was that hasn’t already been posted. I’ve already done something similar… Read more »

Failed upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04

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Logged in this morning to a small VPS that I have hosted at and saw a notice that Ubuntu 14.04 was available, and that I should upgrade from 12.04 that was currently on the box. Did a bit of research, and figured I’d go ahead and do the upgrade. Nothing really critical was on the… Read more »

Importing into Moodle from Examview – With Images

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Edit on 8/7/2014 Well, this script is pretty much worthless now. Not sure when it happened, but Moodle now lets you upload the entire Blackboard zip file, images included, and everything gets imported. No more messing around with the res00000 files. Going to leave the original post though. Might be handy for someone stuck using… Read more »

WordPress WYSIWYG editor not working

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Moment of stupidity today… For probably the past year or so the visual editor hasn’t been working for me in WordPress. Just always plain text. No visual tab at all. And I checked. The disable WYSIWYG editor checkbox was clear for my account. Today I tried checking the checkbox, saving settings, and then clearing the… Read more »

Switching to HTML signature in Outlook

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Came across a handy little tip this afternoon. I’ve only recently put images into my signature in Outlook and noticed that most of the time the images weren’t included in replies. Turns out when someone sends a message in plain text Outlook defaults to replying in plain text. It’s easy enough to change the format… Read more »