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Epson DS-510 jamming on long receipts

Epson DS-510 ScannerA couple of months ago we bought an Epson DS-510 scanner. Although I haven’t run it long enough to know how well it holds up, it’s been doing really well so far.

One big snag though. The goal was to scan receipts. And most of the time it worked flawlessly. But really long receipts would always jam, even though it’s supposed to support scans up to 36 inches. And it wasn’t really even jamming. It was just stopping and showing a jam message.

Thanks to a comment reply on Amazon I discovered it’s not really jamming. It’s just that the scanner only scans up to about 16 inches if auto paper size is selected. By changing from auto size to a manually selected size it scans longer receipts without a hitch.

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