A routine to create GUIDs in PHP

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During development of an online application, I needed a way to generate a GUID. I’m sure there are other, better ways to do this. But, this is how I decided to do it.

DIY: Make Your Own Ethernet Loopback Cable

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Do you ever find yourself needing to know whether an ethernet port will light up without actually hooking it up to a switch. Or, do you need to know what port on a switch a certain jack is plugged in to. Lucky for you, it’s really easy to make your own ethernet loopback cable.

Review: D-Link 604 Router

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I had an unfortunate experience with a small, cheap, inherited SMC ethernet hub. Originally I had two computers linked together with this switch and a DSL modem attached via a crossover cable. My computer had the PPoE dialer and a free proxy program to allow the other computer to get internet access. While not a… Read more »