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And you thought your inbox was full

Don’t complain about spam in your inbox anymore. Bill Gates gets over 4 million pieces of email per day.

Source: CNet

You think your inbox is full of junk? Tired of ads for Viagra, sure fire money making schemes, and mortgage offers? Bill Gates doesn’t feel too sympathetic. He gets over 4 million emails a day.

But, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, only a few junk emails make it to Gates’ inbox thanks to spam filters.

Spam accounts for an estimate 80 percent of all internet traffic. After taking out illegal file sharing and pornography, it makes you wonder how much of the internet is actually used for legitimate reasons

And, while on the topic of spam filters, here are a couple that I use and recommend:

  • Mail Washer – A stand alone program that allows you to delete or bounce spam before you ever download it. The program also allows the use of black and white lists.
  • SpamBayes Outlook Add-In – This scans all email coming in to Outlook and moves possible spam into two folders: junk mail and possible junk mail. If one gets through, you mark it and the program gets smarter. If a good piece of mail gets flagged as spam, you mark it and the program gets smarter.
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