Hits on wp-login.php from the Netherlands

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Noticed something looking through AWStats this afternoon. Traffic was coming from, an IP address in the Netherlands owned by a Russian. Sure, there will always be a few random hits like that, but this one has hit the login script 2,300 times this month. That’s a problem. A quick ad to the CSF deny list… Read more »

SWFUpload, Chrome, and error 2038

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Started using SWFUpload for another web project of mine to handle uploads, and it’s been working great. But I hit a snag today. Started getting a very vague “IO Error #2038” message instead of what should have been coming back from the PHP upload script. After reading through dozens of web posts on how this… Read more »

Blocking Baidu

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Went through this a year or so ago. The Baidu spider was hammering a forum and I blocked it because after hundreds of thousands of hits they sent me a grand total of 1 visitor. Let it sit for a while and then removed the block to see what would happen. Today I noticed that… Read more »

Dynamically link to CSS with JavaScript

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Needed a way to add a CSS file with JavaScript, so I went out a-Googling like I normally do.  Problem is everything I found either worked in Internet Explorer and not in FireFox or the other way around.  Nothing I found worked in both.  So I hacked together a function of my own.  Should have… Read more »

Missing httpd.conf in WHM / cPanel

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Came across an error after mistakenly clicking a link in my hosting control panel. At the time, WHM was working but none of the sites on the server would load. Trying to restart httpd manually from PuTTY resulted in an error that httpd.conf couldn’t be found. Fortunately, there was an easy fix. It’s a script… Read more »

Facebook the most popular site last week

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For the first time, Facebook was the most popular site for a full week last week.  Facebook had overtaken Google a few times before for a day or so, mostly around holidays.  But this was the first time Google fell to second place for a full week. The last time Google was knocked from the… Read more »

Should I block Baidu?

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Well, I am for now. I noticed Baidu pretty much on a forum of mine 24/7, but I didn’t recall ever seeing them show up in the referrer logs.  Over the past year, across the sites on my server, they’ve made almost 35,000 requests for pages; chewed up 337 megs of bandwidth, admittedly not a… Read more »

MapQuest adds gas price estimator

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MapQuest has added a new feature that allows you to estimate how much it’s going to cost to fill up your car for a trip. You enter the miles, how many miles per gallon your car gets, and the cost of gas and the site will show you an estimate of how much it’ll cost… Read more »

I locked myself out of SSH

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A few days ago I tried to change the SSH port of a server I’m working on from 22 to something different since that’s supposed to help with security. But the port I changed to was blocked by the firewall which means that after a reboot I had effectively locked myself out. The server had… Read more »


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Yup, another blog. If you read back through the archives here you’ll see that I have a real problem with starting new projects. Not that I have a problem starting one. I have a problem starting too many. Right now I’ve got 2 forums, 1 eCommerce site, and 6 blogs (only 3 of which are… Read more »