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How To Get Pinterest Board ID

This little script comes from me needing to find the ID number for a Pinterest board so that a script I wrote could automatically add new pins.

But it looks like while it used to be pretty easy to find the board ID, it’s gotten a bit less transparent. But it’s still really not hard to find if you’re willing to dig through a bit of HTML. Being a bit on the lazy side though, I’d rather write a quick little script to find it for me so that next time I can just punch in the board URL and get the ID automatically.

And, so here is a tool to do just that. Enter the URL to the board you’re interested in and it will go and grab the page HTML and pick out the board ID for you.


What URL do I use?

The easiest thing is to go to the board you’re interested in and copy the URL from your browser address bar. Then copy it into the field above and press the button.

It also works when entering the address of your account page – the one with all of your boards listed – but will only return the ID of the first board. If getting all of the IDs is something that would be useful, let me know in the comments. It’s probably something that could be added.

How does this work?

The board ID is buried in some JavaScript code on the Pinterest page. This script just pulls the Pinterest page and does a bit of regex searching to find the ID.

It’s giving me an error

What to do depends on what the error is.

First, this does check to make sure that the URL is on It doesn’t really make sense to check for a Pinterest board ID on other sites.

If you’re entering a correct address and it’s still telling you that it can’t find the board ID, let me know in the comments. Maybe Pinterest changed something. This was working when I posted the page, but things change.

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  1. Tuhin Suvra Biswas Tuhin Suvra Biswas

    I badly need the script to get the board id of a pinterest account can you please help me with the script.

  2. Arka Bhowmik Arka Bhowmik

    I found that you have used an AJAX call to generate the Board ID. Can you give me the PHP function so that I can include it in my project ?

  3. The above website link is where I used to have my Pinterest Feed/Page. Now it says, “Please recheck your ID.”

    This is what USED to work: [alpine-phototile-for-pinterest src=”board” uid=”johnnaccarato” board=”senior-fashion-style-guide” imgl=”none” dl=”1″ dlstyle=”medium” style=”cascade” col=”5″ size=”192″ num=”10″ max=”100″]

    I replaced the board= name to: 36802990643908431 which is what was generated when I used to gizmo. I still receive the same error.

    Thanks for any help. John

  4. Rich Rich

    I have tried this multiple times to connect pinterest to insta viral but it does not work, any suggestions?

  5. jasonsmith1959 jasonsmith1959

    hi ryan. neat little script, works for me. i would however, like to see how to pull a boardID for each board in my account if that is possible. this would be very useful to mass post into specific themed boards. thanks ryan.

  6. Brooke Knight Brooke Knight

    I go to the board on my profile page and copy the URL pasting it in the designated box and it won’t come up…..a small box appears ( stating it cannot be supported. Something isn’t right here….HELP

    • Not sure what to say. I just tried it with one of my boards and it worked perfectly. Make sure that you’re pasting in the entire URL of your board.

      Are you getting any error messages, or is just nothing happening?

    • Give it a shot now. I didn’t know that Pinterest separated out international TLDs so it was specifically looking for Now it’s looking for Pinterest followed by any TLD instead. I tried a couple on the .ca site and it looks like it’s working.

    • Should be working now. Same issue as the Canadian TLD, so now the script just looks for “pinterest.” without any TLD.

  7. Hi, I am rying to get the id for boards that are within boards. It only seems to pull up the ID for the main board and not the sub boards.

  8. Hoover Hoover

    Hey, Do you have any tool which extracts email associated Pinterest account? I forgot my email and Pinterest is not helping me get it back, thanks

  9. Lara Lara

    Hallo, über den Link kann ich leider die Board-ID nicht herausfinden. Gibt es noch eine andere Möglichkeit?

  10. Good day

    I am trying to connect this to publerand will not work . say no account says could not find a Zap for this account. I followed the instructions correctly or so I think

  11. Pinterest Pinterest

    Your tool was working perfectly until a month ago, now it doesn’t get any ID. Be kind to fix this.

  12. joshua joshua

    Holy cow, this is what I need but it doesn’t work. Have mercy on us and please fix this thing or I start pulling my nails easier than finding the board id. Why is Pinterest so pita about this.

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