Auto post to Pinterest from WordPress

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A few months ago I needed a way to cross post from a WordPress blog to a Pinterest board. Yes, there are plugins that claim to do this. But the few free ones that I tried never actually posted, and I didn’t want to spend money on a paid plugin that might not work. So… Read more »

Automatically post to Pinterest

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This came about from needing a way to automatically post to a Pinterest board. Unlike most social sites, Pinterest doesn’t have a public API to handle auto posting so it took a bit of finagling and a Node.js package called Pin-It Node which does most of the heavy lifting. Once the script is in place,… Read more »

How to post to Pinterest with node.js

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For another site I needed a way to automatically post to a Pinterest board. It’s a WordPress site, but I didn’t want the posting to be based on when a post went live. I needed a way to automatically post whatever the newest post was that hasn’t already been posted. I’ve already done something similar… Read more »