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5 things you may not know about PHP

PHP is one of the dominant web languages in use today. If you do any web design work you probably have at least a passing knowledge of PHP. Heck, even if you don’t do any web design you’ve probably noticed web pages ending in .php.

But here are 5 things you may not have known about PHP. If you’ve been working in PHP for a while you probably already know all these, but they’re still there to look at.

Blocking AdSense ads on your own site

One of the fears of AdSense users is that they will accidentally click on an ad on their own site and get banned by Google. I’ve always assumed that these fears are a little over-hyped. I just can’t see one accidental click causing you to get dropped. Of course you certainly don’t want to make a habit out of “accidental” clicks.

But there is another reason to not have AdSense ads shown to you on your own sites. By having them visible you can really skew your stats. So what can you do?

GoDaddy and disabled PHP functions

During a support issue with a user of one of my web applications I made a fairly important discovery about and how they have PHP installed on their servers. Many functions – 44 last time I looked – are disabled. Now, this may just be with their economy package and they have them enabled on their higher packages as an incentive to upgrade, but it caught me off guard.