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Welcome to another blog (yeah, yeah, I know). But, if everybody else can do it, why not me.

So, why am I doing another blog when there are millions already. Honestly, it sounded like a good hobby to have. Safer than rock climbing and cheaper too. So, I started a blog to point out the stupidity in the world; and realized that I wanted to write about other stuff too. So, I added this blog to be much more general. I’m not planning on anything specific, just a random bunch of articles about whatever I feel like at the time. Rants, raves, reviews, that sort of thing.

I have another web page using PHP-Nuke as the back end. As it turns out, I really like WordPress. It fits my style better. I can just randomly write, without too much thought and drop the articles into whatever category I want. I know that’s not the best way to write, but it works for me. Hopefully you’ll find it at least mildly amusing.

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