Finally getting my own images on here

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It’s about time to replace the default path image for the TwentyTen theme I’m using. So I went and added 3 panoramic images I’ve taken over the years. They should randomly rotate, and ideally I’ll add more as I get a chance – either my stuff or images that I find that would look good.

Oops, spamming my own blog

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I really like the idea of having tweets cross posted here, but after turning on Twitter Tools it looks like I’m spamming my own blog. So we’re going to try turning off the auto cross posting and switch to weekly digests instead.

Going to try cross posting with Twitter

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Came across a WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools today. Like most of the 10,000 other Twitter plugins it lets me tweet for each of my blog posts. But this one also promises to go the other way creating a blog post for each tweet. Maybe a touch of overkill cross posting between the two, but… Read more »

’bout time for a new theme

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Seemed like a good time to change themes here… and after searching around for a couple of hours the one I liked best was the TwentyTen theme that comes with WordPress. Go figure. Needs a little more customization, but it’s a start.

It’s amazing what some people search for

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A couple weeks ago I added a plug-in that lets me see what people are searching for and puts popular searches over to your left under the search box. Looking at the stats, it’s amazing what some people come here looking for. It looks like 6 guys (I assume) decided they were a little too… Read more »

Old software – nDB and nCopy

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Back in the previous life of I had two programs on here that I wrote while in high school (I graduated in 1997 so it’s been a few years). These programs – nDB and nCopy (also called Copier in an early version) – are no longer on this site as I am not supporting… Read more »

Upgrades and Spam

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It happens about once a year. I get this urge to redesign one of my sites. And this one with its wavy lines just seemed due. So here is my new design. As you can probably tell I’m on a minimal design kick right now. This also seemed a good time to upgrade from WordPress… Read more »

Contact Form

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I’m going to try this out for a little while. I downloaded a plugin called WP-ContactForm that’ll allow y’all to contact me if you want. Compliments, complains, link exchanges, whatever.

SimpleTags plugin for WordPress

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I’ve started using a plugin for WordPress called SimpleTags to handle tagging for Technorati. It’s pretty slick. For inline tags throw a <tag> around the word and it becomes a tag on publishing. If you don’t want to tag inline, you can add <tags> around a comma separated list and they’ll become tags.