HTTP Return Codes

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HTTP return codes are 3 digit (usually) numbers that are returned to your browser when they request a page. Typically your browser will take care of these, but if you are developing your own site you should put these in your bag of knowledge.

SimCity 3000 Cheats

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Sure, I know there’s a newer version of SimCity; and, sure, there’s hundreds of pages with cheat codes. But, this game runs on my computer and it’s one of my favorites.

Tutorial: .htaccess

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One of the hardest things I learned while working on web development was the .htaccess file. Sure, I found tutorials everywhere, but most of them were written in a language I didn’t understand (remember, I was new to web development). So, here is a simplified tutorial on .htaccess and what it can do.

Review: H+BDEV AntiVir Personal Edition

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You do not even have to own a computer to know that viruses are running rampant on the internet. Back in the “old days” all a virus would do is mess up your computer. Now with the interconnection that we have through are phone lines and cable jacks, a virus has the opportunity to use… Read more »

Review: KeyRing password management

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If you are a normal computer user, you have passwords coming out of your ears. Think about it: bank PINs, logins, email accounts, alarm codes; they just all add some other random string of letters and numbers that you are supposed to remember.