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Sure, I know there’s a newer version of SimCity; and, sure, there’s hundreds of pages with cheat codes. But, this game runs on my computer and it’s one of my favorites.

First, to turn on cheats you need to hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C for Windows and Command+Alt+Shift+C for Mac. A text box will pop up that you use to enter these cheats.

call cousin Vinnie – A local “fundraising” event will come up. Accept it and receive $100,000. You can only do this once.

garbage in, garbage out – All garbage utilities are available

i love red tape – Resets the year back to 1900 and renames “City Hall” to “Miles and Miles of Red Tape.”

let’s make a deal – All connected (road, rail, pipe, etc) neighbors begin to make deals with you

nerdz rool – All industries become high tech

pay tribute to your king – All rewards available

power to the masses – You can use all power utilities

water in the desert – All water utilities are avaiable

Yeah, yeah, I know these ruin the “purity” of the game. If you feel that way, don’t use ’em. But, there here if you want. I also left out a bunch of codes. They just seemed kinda pointless.

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