Script timing in PHP

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It you have spent time on sites that use a CMS system as a back-end, you may have noticed a line towards the bottom that tells you how long that page took to generate. While not always useful for the end user, it is very useful to you as a the developer. It gives you… Read more »

More on CSS & Web Buttons

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After a previous article, I decided I needed a way to expand web buttons to look even more like ‘normal’ computer buttons. Windows XP buttons highlight when your mouse goes over them. I knew this was possible with links, so I set out to do it with buttons as well.

CSS & Web Buttons

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Tired of the boring gray buttons on web forms? With a little CSS you can make your buttons look just how you like.

Lycos Europe is hacked

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On my other blog I wrote about Lycos Europe releasing a screen saver that hits web servers that are “spam friendly”. Lycos denies that this constitutes a DDoS attack, but if it walks like a duck… Well, the spammers aren’t taking it sitting down.