Syntax highlighting code in WordPress blogs

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Since several of my posts have source code in them, I needed a way to syntax highlight. I found a pretty good one for PHP code, but it didn’t do anything else. While working on an article for a JavaScript function, I needed a highlighter. So, out searching I went.

Javascript time formatting function

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While working on a web application, I found myself with the need for a Javascript function that would format dates to a consistent state. Several different functions exist out on the internet to perform this task, but none were exactly what I was looking for. Most of them did a fairly decent job of taking… Read more »

100 Oldest Domain Names

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Just a quick, fun link. It’s a list of the 100 oldest .com domain names with links to their WHOIS information. Most of them look familar, but there are a few odd balls in there.

Santy worm blocked by Google

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Google, responding to pleas from anti-virus companies, has shut down a virus that uses the search engine to find victims. The Santy virus uses the search engine to find vulnerable phpBB sites to spread to. An estimated 40,000 sites have been infected by last Tuesday. Google is assuring users that they are not at risk… Read more »

StatTraq and WordPress Permalinks

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For this and my other blog, I use WordPress with permalinks turned on. I installed an add-in called StatTraq to keep track of statistics. But, the stats page never showed which pages were being shown. It just showed that ‘Multiple Posts’ were being displayed. Honestly, I just assumed this was the way StatTraq was supposed… Read more »

TinyP2P – “The World’s Smallest P2P Application”

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Ed Felten and Alex Halderman released the smallest fully functional P2P application. TinyP2P is a 15 (yes 15) line Python program. The authors claim that they are not intending to facilitate copyright infringement, but are trying to show how easy it is to set up a P2P application. TinyP2P was written to show how easy… Read more »

Benchmarking PHP: Single versus Double Quotes

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PHP allows you to define a string using either a single quote (‘) or a double quote (“). Why? Is one better? Faster? Why should you use one over the other. In this article, I am going to benchmark both methods; both with literal strings and strings with variables included.

Benchmarking PHP functions

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Often a PHP developer will find themselves needing to know how long a function they are writing takes. Maybe a page seems to be taking too long to load, or maybe they have two different functions that perform the same task and need to see which one performs faster. This is where benchmarking comes in.