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StatTraq and WordPress Permalinks

For this and my other blog, I use WordPress with permalinks turned on. I installed an add-in called StatTraq to keep track of statistics. But, the stats page never showed which pages were being shown. It just showed that ‘Multiple Posts’ were being displayed. Honestly, I just assumed this was the way StatTraq was supposed to work until I just happened to get hit by a comment spammer.

The spammer viewed pages using the query strings, and not permalinks. StatTraq showed these page views for each individual page. After spending several hours traversing the internet, I realized that I didn’t have the post id anywhere in my permalink structure, and therefore it wasn’t getting saved. So, I re-did the permalinks to include %post_id%, and StatTraq started working like it should.

So, as an unrequested suggestion, you might add %post_id% to your permalink structure if it’s not there already.

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