Web safe color list with PHP

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Needed to create a list of the web safe colors for another site of mine. Yeah, I know that web safe colors are outdated. But it was still something I wanted on the site. Typing in 216 hex color codes was not something I wanted to do though. Looking over a list of the safe… Read more »

Ubuntu, OSX, and Samba

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A few months ago I setup an Oracle VirtualBox on my main computer to act as a web server to develop against without needing a separate machine. Took until yesterday to figure out how to get the bridged networking option working with other machines on the network though. Short answer, I had originally set it… Read more »

Converting column number Excel column name

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Quick little snippet needed while working on a web app that exports to an Excel worksheet. What I needed was a way to convert column numbers to the lettering that Excel uses. So, for example, column 27 would become AA. Found a bulk of the solution at Stack Overflow. Logic wasn’t exactly what I was… Read more »

Regex to replace multiple spaces

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Normally I just don’t worry about this since I’m usually building websites and HTML takes care of merging multiple spaces. But it comes up occasionally. And since it’s just a quick regex replace, it’s pretty quick to merge multiple spaces. Piece of cake. It looks for any places that there is 2 or more spaces and… Read more »

Datatables jQuery plugin – Refresh table

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Sometimes I try and make things way too hard. One of the things that a web app I’m working on needs is the ability to do an advanced search. It’s using the outstanding DataTables plugin for jQuery which takes care of most of the work. But the way I wanted to have the advanced search… Read more »

Double click on file in Chrome developer tools

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How did I not know this already? I’m working on a web app that’s pretty Ajax heavy so I’ve got the Chrome developer tools window opened up to the Network tab so I can see what’s going on. By accident I double clicked on one of the files and it pulled it up in the… Read more »

Math for Game Programmers

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Had an idea running through my head for a while now and finally pulled the trigger last weekend. Something I’ve noticed teaching students to write games is that most don’t expect programming games to involve as much math as it does. Not that I’m teaching beginning programmers any math they haven’t already learned in a… Read more »