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Ubuntu, OSX, and Samba

A few months ago I setup an Oracle VirtualBox on my main computer to act as a web server to develop against without needing a separate machine. Took until yesterday to figure out how to get the bridged networking option working with other machines on the network though. Short answer, I had originally set it up as a host only network and put the name in my hosts file and that conflicted once I switched to bridged. More to it than that, but probably should be its own post.

The reason for the switch was so that I could have the VM on my network and use any computer to connect instead of just my desktop. Worked fine, except for my MacBook.

I was able to ping both ways, traceroute looked fine, and I could view web pages via the Apache web server on the VM. The network connection was good.

Problem was that the VM wouldn’t accept my password when I tried to connect from the Mac. Vista machines were fine. Just not the Mac.

After too much time spent searching I did what I should have done first and looked at the console logs on the notebook. And plain as day was the problem. Snow Leopard didn’t like sending the passwords in plain text.

One switch on the Samba side to require encrypted passwords and it’s working perfectly.

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