Failed upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04

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Logged in this morning to a small VPS that I have hosted at DigitalOcean and saw a notice that Ubuntu 14.04 was available, and that I should upgrade from 12.04 that was currently on the box. Did a bit of research, and figured I’d go ahead and do the upgrade. Nothing really critical was on… Read more »

Ubuntu, OSX, and Samba

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A few months ago I setup an Oracle VirtualBox on my main computer to act as a web server to develop against without needing a separate machine. Took until yesterday to figure out how to get the bridged networking option working with other machines on the network though. Short answer, I had originally set it… Read more »

Enable mod_rewrite on Ubuntu

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Looks like Apache2 is installed in Ubuntu with mod_rewrite, but it’s disabled by default.  Fortunately a quick drop to the terminal followed by restarting Apache2 and it’s fixed.