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Hiding the “Welcome to your new WordPress site” message

Sitting here working on setting up a WordPress network and hit a snag. New sites have a giant “Welcome to your new WordPress site” message when someone logs in for the first time.

Now, I’m not against the message; and WordPress should definitely market where ever they can. But I’d like to be able to customize the layout a bit. Still plan on keeping links to WP and all of that, just want to add in some of my own welcome message.

Googling didn’t turn up anything except editing the core WordPress code which is a terrible idea. I don’t want to have to redo it every time WP upgrades. And it looks like there isn’t a hook or filter that can make it easy. So I had to make it ugly.

And it’s almost painful doing what I did. I’d sure like to find a better way, but for now this is what I found.

First, a bit of CSS to hide two elements.

label[for="wp_welcome_panel-hide"] {
     display:none !important;
div.welcome-panel {
     display:none !important;

That takes care of hiding the welcome panel and the checkbox on the screen options page.

Next, some JavaScript. Not totally necessary, but I did want to go ahead and remove the welcome message from the DOM.


Inserted the JavaScript into the head by using the admin_head-index.php action and the welcome block isn’t there.

Now it’s just a matter of adding back in a customized one, being sure to keep as much mention of WordPress as possible while still customizing it to meet the requirements for the site I’m building.

And I know it’s an ugly way to do this. I’m surprised there isn’t a more WordPress-y way to do this. Heck, there probably is. I just couldn’t find it. So if anyone out there has a cleaner suggestion, please let me know.

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