WordPress Twenty Nineteen Grid Layout

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A week or so ago I setup a site that I’ve been thinking about for a while, mostly as a place where I could play around with the new pieces in WordPress 5 without messing with an existing site. The Twenty Nineteen theme was one of those things I wanted to give a go. I… Read more »

How to hide post titles in WordPress

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For a site I’m working on I needed a way to hide the post title, but only on specific posts. This particular post was a quote with a big image on top, and it looked better with the image, but no heading text. Google brought me a few options, but I ended up doing it… Read more »

How to remove .lead CSS class from parent theme

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I’ve usd the 320press Bootstrap WordPress theme as a parent theme on a couple of projects, including this site. Overall, it’s great. But there’s been one little nagging “feature” that I’d like to get rid of. The theme adds a lead class to the first paragraph of each post. And the parent CSS for .lead… Read more »

Web safe color list with PHP

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Needed to create a list of the web safe colors for another site of mine. Yeah, I know that web safe colors are outdated. But it was still something I wanted on the site. Typing in 216 hex color codes was not something I wanted to do though. Looking over a list of the safe… Read more »

Adding WordPress templates to NetBeans

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If you’ve written more than a couple of WordPress plugins odds are good you’ve copied and pasted the plugin sample readme.txt file into your project. Just sat down to start on my 7th plugin and figured there had to be a better way than Googling for the template, opening it, copying, and pasting. NetBeans makes… Read more »

Dynamically link to CSS with JavaScript

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Needed a way to add a CSS file with JavaScript, so I went out a-Googling like I normally do.  Problem is everything I found either worked in Internet Explorer and not in FireFox or the other way around.  Nothing I found worked in both.  So I hacked together a function of my own.  Should have… Read more »

Aptana on Vista 64bit – Black Screen

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I’ve been having issues with Aptana putting a huge black box over the code window on Vista 64.  And it seems many others are having the same issue as well, which is a shame because it’s an otherwise great program. It appears to have something to do with the preview tabs.  I could open up… Read more »