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I’ve usd the 320press Bootstrap WordPress theme as a parent theme on a couple of projects, including this site. Overall, it’s great. But there’s been one little nagging “feature” that I’d like to get rid of.

The theme adds a lead class to the first paragraph of each post. And the parent CSS for .lead causes the text to be bigger than the rest of the paragraphs.

On this site I just put an !important tag in my child CSS for .lead to make it the same size. But that didn’t feel like a clean enough solution.

What I’ve done on another site, and it works without a hitch, is to take out the filter that the parent theme is using to put .lead on the first paragraph. The code below goes in the functions.php file for your child theme.

[snippet id=”344″]

I had tried to remove the filter before, but it has to go inside something called after both themes load since the child functions.php file is loaded first.

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