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Pulling grades from Moodle quizzes

For a review leading into AP testing I like to give my students a review test where they’ll take a set of 5 questions out of a banks of a few hundred. To get a grade, they’ll need to get 80% or higher a set number of times. This six weeks we’re doing 2 points per attempt with a score of 80% or higher, up to 120 points for a test grade. So if they get an 80 or higher 53 times between now and the end of the six weeks I’ll put a 106 in the gradebook.

Catch is that it’s really time consuming for me to go through and count how many attempts 100 plus students tried.

Enter a plugin for Moodle called ad-hoc database queries.

With the plugin you can write SQL that’s run on your Moodle database and it will kick out a table with the results. The SQL below is what I used.

A couple of things to add that aren’t there yet is I’d like to add a prompt for the course ID. Right now it’s prompting for the module ID and the minimum grade you want to count. And, it’d be nice if it would sort by groups instead of just lumping everybody together.

But for now, it’s still way better than scrolling through and counting.

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