NetBeans teaching tips

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I’ve been using NetBeans to teach Computer Science for a while now, but it’s always seemed a bit heavy. Came across a post on the Oracle blogs with a few tips for making NetBeans a little more classroom friendly. So here are a few tips from there along with a couple of tips I’ve come… Read more »

Pulling grades from Moodle quizzes

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For a review leading into AP testing I like to give my students a review test where they’ll take a set of 5 questions out of a banks of a few hundred. To get a grade, they’ll need to get 80% or higher a set number of times. This six weeks we’re doing 2 points… Read more »

How to override quiz settings for a user in Moodle

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Bob was absent yesterday and has to make up the test. Jane didn’t do so well and you want to let her have a second attempt. You’re only giving students 10 minutes for the quiz today, but Chris just needs a few extra minutes. What you need is a user override. Not sure when this… Read more »

ActionScript Error: Expecting semicolon before minus

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One of my students came across an “expecting semicolon before minus” error while working on an ActionScript project last week. The error totally threw the student, but it made sense to me. At least I though it did. My guess was that somewhere in the code he had accidentally put a minus where one shouldn’t… Read more »

Moodle Wiki and uplreject error

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This weekend I’ve been working on setting up a wiki in Moodle for one of my animation classes. Came across a cryptic error, which turned out to have a very easy fix. I had created a page and attached a few files, and then decided that the layout didn’t work and deleted the page and… Read more »

First draft teaching myself to draw

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School’s out! And like most teachers out there I’ve got a list of things, both around the house and school related, to keep myself busy over the summer. One of my goals this summer is to get a big set of labs together for the Flash animation class I’m teaching next year. I’ve got a… Read more »

Another good use for mod

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Got to admit that mod is one of those topics that I have trouble getting across to my students. Not the idea of what it is and how to do it, but the purpose. The classic isOdd / isEven lab works. It can even be extended a bit into a isDivisible lab. And the College… Read more »

Blender from 1.6 to 2.5

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I’ve been playing around with Blender as a potential program to use for a 3D animation course I may be teaching next year. Now that I’ve got the interface in 2.5 somewhat figured out, I’m finally able to do some stuff and it’s starting to get fun. Found a video on Vimeo with screen captures… Read more »

Schools trying out 4-day weeks

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With budgets getting tighter and tighter some schools are looking at 4-day weeks instead of 5. The fear, of course, is that students will miss out on the education they’re supposed to be getting if their week is shortened. Personally I like the idea of a 4-day work week.  It would be great to have… Read more »