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School’s out! And like most teachers out there I’ve got a list of things, both around the house and school related, to keep myself busy over the summer.

One of my goals this summer is to get a big set of labs together for the Flash animation class I’m teaching next year. I’ve got a handful from this year, but I’d like to have a bank of labs covering each topic so my students can pick labs out of a set rather than everybody doing the exact same lab.

Realized though that I’m a bit lacking on drawing ability which means the first task will be to practice drawing cartoon characters.  I’ve been going through this book and did my first real attempt in Illustrator today.

He started out as a tutorial from the book, but after getting it close I started taking out parts from the example and putting in my own touches. Still not all that happy with the cheeks, but compared to what my drawings usually look like I’m happy overall.

And this probably won’t come as a shock to anyone that already knows how to draw, but it’s amazing how much it helped to break down this guy into ovals and using those ovals as guides for the actual drawing.

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