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Moodle Wiki and uplreject error

This weekend I’ve been working on setting up a wiki in Moodle for one of my animation classes. Came across a cryptic error, which turned out to have a very easy fix.

I had created a page and attached a few files, and then decided that the layout didn’t work and deleted the page and attachments. Created a new page and went to attach the same files again and got a very cryptic uplrejsect error.

My guess was that the files were still on server somewhere, and since I don’t have access to directly access the files I tried renaming. Nope. Same uplrejsect error.

And the duh moment.

I had started editing the page and went straight to the Attachments tab. There wasn’t a page saved yet for the attachments to attach to. Saved an empty page, clicked on the Attachment tab, and was able to upload without a hitch.

Got to love those easy fixes.

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