Sometimes it doesn’t have to be perfect

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A student passed this along to me today. Admittedly, it’s very well done. But it’s nice to see something good, and funny, that isn’t a perfect model of real life.

Moodle Wiki and uplreject error

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This weekend I’ve been working on setting up a wiki in Moodle for one of my animation classes. Came across a cryptic error, which turned out to have a very easy fix. I had created a page and attached a few files, and then decided that the layout didn’t work and deleted the page and… Read more »

Blender from 1.6 to 2.5

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I’ve been playing around with Blender as a potential program to use for a 3D animation course I may be teaching next year. Now that I’ve got the interface in 2.5 somewhat figured out, I’m finally able to do some stuff and it’s starting to get fun. Found a video on Vimeo with screen captures… Read more »