Should add new comment be above existing comments

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Had a thought while scrolling to the bottom of a WordPress post with 250+ comments. Does having the add new comment form at the bottom of a page that long lead to fewer comments? Really, who is going to scroll that far? So I’m going to play around a bit here and move the comments… Read more »

Math for Game Programmers

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Had an idea running through my head for a while now and finally pulled the trigger last weekend. Something I’ve noticed teaching students to write games is that most don’t expect programming games to involve as much math as it does. Not that I’m teaching beginning programmers any math they haven’t already learned in a… Read more »

Amazon Images plugin for WordPress

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Every now and then I like to link to Amazon products, along with an affiliate tag. Nothing spammy. But I figure if I’m going to link to something that they make money off of, I might as well try to make a bit as well, right? Downside is that the link builder inside Amazon typically… Read more »

Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin

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This is one of those plugins that I wish I’d been using for years. Those that “know” such things say that you’re supposed to spread your posts out and not dump a bunch on one day. Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve always done. I started using a small plugin that I wrote a few… Read more »

Count all post in a WordPress blog network

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Needed this bit of code to keep count of the total number of posts in a network enabled WordPress site. It pulls the list of blogs and the goes through each, gets the post count, and sums it up. Certainly not real efficient, and doubtful you’d want it to run often on a large network…. Read more »

Drag and Drop Uploading – Worth the upgrade just for that

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Sure, I know there was more to the upgrade than just this; but the drag and drop uploading in the latest WordPress is an outstanding addition. Instead of having to browse through folders looking for the right file, it’s just a quick drag from Windows explorer to your browser. Yeah, I guess you’re still looking… Read more »

WordPress script not working from the command line

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Spent most of yesterday working on a script that interfaces with WordPress to update posts as it runs. It wasn’t a big part of the script, but it was the part that caused the most frustration. When I was testing locally, I was running the script through a web browser and everything worked perfectly. But… Read more »

Series Tag WordPress Plugin

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Just finished a new WordPress and am now just waiting for the WP plugin people to create the SVN folder for it it’s up and ready for download. It’s called Series Tag and adds a short code that will display a list of all posts with a specific tag. I wrote it because I want to… Read more »

Quick update to Link Footnotes plugin

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Just committed a quick update to my Link Footnotes WordPress plugin. The only addition was a new setting that allows you to set the target attribute for the footnote links created. There are 3 options. Default On If you want footnotes on by default on all of your posts, check the box. If you want… Read more »