WordPress WYSIWYG editor not working

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Moment of stupidity today… For probably the past year or so the visual editor hasn’t been working for me in WordPress. Just always plain text. No visual tab at all. And I checked. The disable WYSIWYG editor checkbox was clear for my account. Today I tried checking the checkbox, saving settings, and then clearing the… Read more »

Updated Plain Text CPT Plugin

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Had to do a quick update for my Plain Text Custom Post Type WordPress plugin. Right now I’m only using it one site, and I’ve never noticed a problem until this week. The JavaScript wasn’t working from another computer. Turns out it was conflicting with the stats module in Jetpack. Jetpack inserts a bit of… Read more »

Margins around MathJax equations in WordPress

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Love the MathJax plugin for WordPress. Makes it really easy to insert equations, assuming you’re somewhat familiar with Latex formatting. Problem is, there is always no space below the equation. I’ve been just hitting enter a couple of times after the closing latex tag, but I wanted a better solution. Since there’s a syntax attribute… Read more »

Trouble with textarea in TinyMCE Editor

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Came across an issue where the TinyMCE editor inside WordPress was stripping out <textarea> tags as I switched between the HTML and Visual editors, and the page I was working on needed a textarea. After digging through Google I came across a pretty good reason. A textarea inside another textarea can cause problems so they’re… Read more »

Plain Text Custom Post Type

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Just uploaded a plugin to the WordPress SVN that creates a plain text custom post type. It’s a post that has absolutely no formatting, and even strips out the WordPress theme leaving just the text. What’s the point? I’m playing around with a network installation of WordPress. One of the sites that I’m moving to… Read more »

A couple of new WordPress plugins

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Had some free time this week and kicked out a couple new WordPress plugins for another site I’m working on. Plain Text Custom Post Type adds a new custom post type to WordPress that outputs as just plain text. What it was written for, and what I’m using it for, is to allow me to… Read more »

Plugins for inserting JS and CSS into posts

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Just finished up a WordPress plugin that allows for arbitrary JavaScript and CSS to be included in the head section of posts. I needed to come up with some small project to put together and I needed this for a larger scale project I’m planning, so it was a good fit. For now though, I’m… Read more »

Get WordPress posts with one of two meta key values

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Been working on a project for the past couple of days, and spent a bit of time this morning trying to get WordPress to do something. As usual, WordPress came through. Just took me knowing what to enter. What I’m working on is a plugin that adds to the <head> section of a page based… Read more »