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Count all post in a WordPress blog network

Needed this bit of code to keep count of the total number of posts in a network enabled WordPress site. It pulls the list of blogs and the goes through each, gets the post count, and sums it up.

function getTotalPosts() {
	$total = 0;

	$blogs = get_blog_list(0, 'all');

	foreach ($blogList as $blog) {
		$total += $blog['postcount'];

	return $total;

Certainly not real efficient, and doubtful you’d want it to run often on a large network. But it’s working for the moment.

Although it looks like get_blog_list is deprecated and may not work in future versions of WordPress. Guess I’ll have to figure out another solution when they remove it.

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  1. Maybe the way to do this is with cron.

    The get_blog_list function does this the way I was going to originally and does a COUNT() query on all of the post tables, once for each blog. Works okay on the network I’m using it on since there’s only about a dozen blogs. Could see that with hundreds or thousands it would get ugly though.

    But it’s probably not something that you’d need a to the second count of anyway though. Once or twice a day a cron script that caches the count would probably be enough.

    Or, maybe I’ll try hooking on to the hook that fires when a post is published and just keep a counter in another table.

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