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Series Tag WordPress Plugin

Just finished a new WordPress and am now just waiting for the WP plugin people to create the SVN folder for it it’s up and ready for download.

It’s called Series Tag and adds a short code that will display a list of all posts with a specific tag. I wrote it because I want to do a series of posts here and figured tagging them all with the same tag and having WordPress take care of building the links would be easier than doing it manually.

Quick, and boring, screen shot

Links are created chronologically with the earliest dated post on top. And there are 3 arguments that you can pass to the short code.

tag – Required. The slug for the tag that you are using to group the posts.

max – Optional – Max number of posts to return. You’ll probably want to leave this one off which will keep the default zero. That’ll display all the posts in the tag. Otherwise you may cut off some of the posts in your series.

divider – HTML tag to wrap around each link. The default is ol which will put each link in an ordered list. ol and ul will put each link in a list. You can use any valid HTML tag though. Be sure not to include the brackets. If you want to wrap in a paragraph tag, just use p.


Each line is also wrapped in a CSS class so that you can style. Series Tag doesn’t load any CSS files so it you want to use these classes you’ll need to include them in CSS that’s already loading. It just didn’t make sense to load an entirely new CSS file or include it inline for such a simple plugin.

st_current – The page that the visitor is currently on. It’s included in the list because it’s part of the series, but it is not linked.

st_other – Any other page in the list. There is also an anchor tag inside whatever tag you wrap with so that can be styled as well.

These two classes are applied to whatever you select as divider. If you use ul or ol, it’s applied to a li tag. Otherwise it’s the same tag. A divider of p would work out to <p class=”st_current”>Title</p>


You can download the plugin at the WordPress plugin library or through the WordPress admin by searching for Series Tag.

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  1. Must been the day for plugins like this. Just logged in and saw that the most recently updated plugin was one called Post Series and it looks to do exactly what my little plugin does. In fact, looks like it might do a bit more.

    Oh well, no worries. It seemed like such a no brainer idea that I was surprised I couldn’t find another plugin that did the same thing when I started writing mine. And either way, friendly competition is a good thing.

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