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WordPress script not working from the command line

Spent most of yesterday working on a script that interfaces with WordPress to update posts as it runs. It wasn’t a big part of the script, but it was the part that caused the most frustration.

When I was testing locally, I was running the script through a web browser and everything worked perfectly. But ultimately this script needed to run through cron, and when I tried to run through the command line nothing happened.

I was able to trace it to something WordPress related because the script would work up until I included the wp-load.php file. And then it just stopped.

Turns out it was a very simple fix. WordPress needed $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] set, and it’s not from the command line. Adding $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] = ‘’ to the line above the wp-load.php include fixed it so the script ran.

This was on a network enabled version of WordPress, so that might make a difference.

Now I just need to figure out how to work around the WordPress include changing the timezone from CST to GMT, so if there are any suggestions on that…

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  1. And a note to self for next time I forget how to do this… the HTTP_HOST header does not include http:// .

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