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When is the right time to ditch a website?

Several years ago I registered a domain name,, that sounded like one of those cool web 2.0 type domain names. Originally I wanted to create my own content management system, but as I started down that road I decided that I would rather make plugins and themes on top of WordPress instead. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about users, database classes, and all of that. Basically, I didn’t have to do the boring stuff.

So that’s what Reliti became. A home for the handful of WordPress plugins that I’ve kicked out. But it never got any real traffic. The plugins were downloaded from, but my site never saw much action.

A couple weeks ago I decided that I would just merge anything from the Reliti site onto this one. So a few quick commits at to change the plugin urls and a 301 redirect and anything Reliti now comes here. Most of the traffic is bounced to a landing post that’s a couple posts down the list from this one.

What’s odd is that the landing page has had more hits since the switch than the entire Reliti site did in the past month.

Not sure if it was the right time to ditch one site and merge it with this one, or if it was even the right thing to do at all. If nothing else though, I’m finding that it’s easier to keep up with one less website. Only downside I’ve come across so far is that any comments left on Reliti aren’t easy to move over here. May need to work on that one…

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