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Math for Game Programmers

Had an idea running through my head for a while now and finally pulled the trigger last weekend.

Something I’ve noticed teaching students to write games is that most don’t expect programming games to involve as much math as it does. Not that I’m teaching beginning programmers any math they haven’t already learned in a math class. And we’re talking 2-D games, so there’s nothing really ugly. But even doing things like xSpeed = xSpeed * -1 tends to throw a few off.

So last weekend I registered the domain name and put up a WordPress site. As is pretty standard with brand new sites there’s not a lot there yet. But there are a few posts scheduled. By the time this post goes live there should be about 5 on Math for Games. Not impressive, but got to start somewhere, right?

Just finished a post on moving enemies through an array of way points in ActionScript if that sort of thing is interesting to you.

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  1. many thanks for the auto future date plugin, i hope you will be covering game math in javascript/jquery as well, i wrote a breakout type game with the ball and paddle and bricks and i also allowed you to launch a missile fromt he paddle as well, lol. it had 8 levels but can randomly generate levels. working on another one now based on the android game named Defender II.

    • Hadn’t thought of doing some of the demos in JavaScript, but it does seem like a natural for a website on game math to use a web language for some demos. Most of what’s there right now is a mix of ActionScript, Java, and Python because that’s what I teach. But as much of a web geeks as I am, I’m pretty good with JS.

      • wow, quick reply, i’d also ask, if at all possible, to code your css to make visited links dark gray, right now they’re all the same color, so it’s hard to tell what you already visited, and my second request is to have the blog display previous and next posts, makes it easier to move through posts for continuous reading, which would also translate into visitors sticking around longer, i’ve read almost all the posts. it’s close enough to javascript/php for me to figure it out, but i’d probably only code games in javascript unless they’re gonna be downloadable.

        = )

    • Really haven’t done much with the theme for that site. Pretty much downloaded one and moved a few widgets around. Had planned on seeing how the site picked up before doing too much.

      Odd though that there isn’t a Next / Previous link though. Never come across a theme that didn’t have that on by default. Guess I’ll have to do something about that :)

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