A couple of updates to Moodle unittest question

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I’ve been using my unittest Moodle question type pretty much since the beginning of this school year. But a couple of things have been bothering me as I watch students work on code problems. The first is that their only feedback for a failed JUnit test was the stacktrace that JUnit kicks out. For students new… Read more »

Overloaded server, but it stayed up

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Over the summer I took a Moodle unit testing plugin and updated it so that it’ll use JUnit 4 and improved on the interface a bit. Since the school year started I’ve been using it with my students, and up until a couple of days ago it worked without a hitch. What caught us is… Read more »

How to override quiz settings for a user in Moodle

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Bob was absent yesterday and has to make up the test. Jane didn’t do so well and you want to let her have a second attempt. You’re only giving students 10 minutes for the quiz today, but Chris just needs a few extra minutes. What you need is a user override. Not sure when this… Read more »

Importing into Moodle from Examview – With Images

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Edit on 8/7/2014 Well, this script is pretty much worthless now. Not sure when it happened, but Moodle now lets you upload the entire Blackboard zip file, images included, and everything gets imported. No more messing around with the res00000 files. Going to leave the original post though. Might be handy for someone stuck using… Read more »

Math for Game Programmers

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Had an idea running through my head for a while now and finally pulled the trigger last weekend. Something I’ve noticed teaching students to write games is that most don’t expect programming games to involve as much math as it does. Not that I’m teaching beginning programmers any math they haven’t already learned in a… Read more »

Another good use for mod

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Got to admit that mod is one of those topics that I have trouble getting across to my students. Not the idea of what it is and how to do it, but the purpose. The classic isOdd / isEven lab works. It can even be extended a bit into a isDivisible lab. And the College… Read more »

String methods in Scratch BYOB

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Each of the last 3 years we’ve been able to get more and more out of Scratch as it went from 1.2 to 1.4, and especially now with the BYOB 3 version from Berkeley. Adding in the ability to have students build their own methods in Scratch means that we could do a pretty decent… Read more »

Schools trying out 4-day weeks

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With budgets getting tighter and tighter some schools are looking at 4-day weeks instead of 5. The fear, of course, is that students will miss out on the education they’re supposed to be getting if their week is shortened. Personally I like the idea of a 4-day work week.  It would be great to have… Read more »

Teaching recursion with Scratch BYOB

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One of the biggest limits we came across teaching with Scratch this year is the inability to write methods and use parameters.  Methods, returns, and parameters are probably the only major concept in our intro CompSci class that we can’t teach in Scratch; so we introduced them in Alice this past year.  It worked ok,… Read more »