Map of the Japan earthquakes

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I knew about the aftershocks from an earthquake, but I didn’t realize there were so many. The first time I went to the following site there were 555 listed. About 5 minutes later when I went back to get the screenshot it was up to 557. For the full effect you need to see it… Read more »

How to close all projects in NetBeans

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File this under “duh.” I typically have several projects open in NetBeans and occasionally go through and close them all to clean up a little.  Turns out if you shift click on the projects you want closed there’s a new item on the File menu “Close X Projects.”  Easy…

Just finished up a couple of WordPress plugins

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Needed a break from a larger web app I’m working on and this weekend kicked out a couple of WordPress plugins that I’ve had on my idea file for a while now. The first is called rTwit and lets you embed any Twitter feed you want into a post or page. Most of the Twitter… Read more »

JavaScript version of PHP __FILE__ or __DIR__

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This is one of those issues I keep coming back to.  I need a way to get the path of the current JavaScript file.  Something analogous to the PHP __DIR__ constant or dirname(__FILE__). Found something close on Stack Overflow.  The solution there gets the entire file.  A bit of substring and lastIndexOf and I had… Read more »

Should you delay retweets?

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Finally noticed the schedule tweet button in TweetDeck this morning.  I have a knack of sending out tweets in batches, and since it annoys me when others tweet 20 in rapid succession it probably irritates others when I do the same. Got me thinking though.  Would it be better to schedule retweets as well?  Not… Read more »

My checklist for setting up a WordPress site

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Found myself setting up another WordPress blog this afternoon – blatant link plug – and got to thinking that I do the same steps every time I setup a new blog, and probably should write them down.  So here are my steps.  They may be a little different on your end, and I’d like to… Read more »

Show a message to IE6 users

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Found this tip over on The Admin Zone.  It’s a quick bit of HTML that will show a message to visitors using IE6. It looks like the following, although I took out the conditional tags so everyone can see it. Feel free to change the message if you want to be a little less tactful…. Read more »

When in doubt, restart

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Sure, it’s a cliche.  Computer not working?  Restart the sucker.  This time though, it paid off. I just spent the better part of this afternoon working on a JavaScript issue.  I’m using SWFUploader to handle image uploads for a web application of mine; and it was working flawlessly in Chrome, Opera, and IE8.  Firefox, not… Read more »