Twitter mention spam is a pain

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Guess I’m just used to e-mail spam. It’s just always there and Spam Bayes does a pretty decent job of taking care of it. But Twitter mention spam is more irritating. Probably just because it’s relatively new, but irritating anyway. For those that aren’t Twitter types, any time that somebody puts @yourusername is a tweet… Read more »

USB drive not initialized in Vista

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Had an external USB drive decide to fall out on me last week. This is one that’s been a bit problematic in the past. It was originally bought when a 250gb USB was a really big drive and had to be replaced after a couple of months when it started clicking and stopped working. Next… Read more »

Kicked out a quick WordPress plugin

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Yesterday I went about trying to figure out how to get my latest Tweet up in the header of this site. After looking at a couple of dozen Twitter plugins for WordPress I decided to write my own when I couldn’t find one that worked like I wanted it to. The result is Just A… Read more »

Finally installed WPTouch plugin

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Like about 2 million other people, I finally downloaded the WPTouch WordPress plugin allowing this site to have a phone friendly version. So far I’m liking it, and it looks much better than the other plugins and themes I checked out. This one really does look like an iPhone program, which is cool even tough… Read more »

Google Analytics tracking mobile users

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Somehow missed this when it first came out. Google Analytics is now showing mobile specific info under the Visitors tab. It shows what devices visitors are using to view your site and also shows what carrier they use.

Starting a blog vs starting a forum

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I’m a bit addicted to starting web sites. While WordPress is my go to software, I’ve been leaning towards forum software recently. While I like the idea of blogging because I can put pretty much whatever I want online, I can do the same with a forum. And a forum has the advantage that other… Read more »

Video: Cabling a new data center

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The way I keep the cables under my desk organized is to just stuff them up and under where I can’t see ’em. This video from Softlayer shows how it’s supposed to be done. I guess if you’re in the business and keeping servers up and running the cabling becomes a little more important. Spending… Read more »

UNC path vs mapped drive letter

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Bit of a random question for today. Is there a difference, speed or otherwise, in opening files through a mapped drive letter compared to a UNC path? When I work on a web project I open the files in  NetBeans through a UNC path. The files are on a Linux server on my local network…. Read more »

Liking Vanilla Forums so far

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Finished up converting another site of mine over from WordPress to a Vanilla Forum. Thought the potential for others to start threads was worth the move. Not that I’m expecting much, but it’s worth a shot. Turns out it works really well. I was able to upload all of the templates from the old site… Read more »

PHP function to reset instance variables

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Quick snippet to reset all public instance variables inside a PHP class back to their original values. Can’t take credit for the code though. Found it on a website somewhere and have used it in pretty much every class I build. Problem is I can’t remember where it was originally.