Posting to Twitter with PHP and OAuth class

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Needed a bit of an update on a font site I threw up a few years ago. Specifically I wanted to put a script together to tweet a random font each day. Should have been easy since I already had a script that tweeted new fonts, although it’s been a bit behind since I haven’t… Read more »

Set WordPress image to “none”

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Been using WordPress for a while now. Heck, this blog has been running WP since 2007. So it’s really sad that it took until today for me to figure this out. Putting an image inline to a post defaults to link to a new attachment page for that image. As often as I remembered to,… Read more »

How to create a wine glass in Blender

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Looking to create a simple wine glass in Blender 2.5/2.6? Yes, there’s quite a few steps. But it’s remarkably easy to do. First step is to create the default cube. Right click to select it and press either Delete or X to remove the cube from the scene. Next we’re going to go in to… Read more »

How to create a very simple space game in Flash

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Admit it, you’ve played an online game while at work. And odds are very good it was written in Flash / ActionScript. We’re going to cook up a very simple Flash project that might serve as the start of a game. Keyword here is simple though. We’re not going to worry about anything except for… Read more »

Guess Yahoo doesn’t care about spam anymore

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When I get spam, and if I’ve got a few minutes to do so, I’ll usually look up the host and possibly registrar for the domain and forward to their abuse email addresses.Today I got a very obvious phishing attempt and tracked the domain back to Yahoo hosting. The email was asking me to accept… Read more »

SWFUpload, Chrome, and error 2038

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Started using SWFUpload for another web project of mine to handle uploads, and it’s been working great. But I hit a snag today. Started getting a very vague “IO Error #2038” message instead of what should have been coming back from the PHP upload script. After reading through dozens of web posts on how this… Read more »

Blocking Baidu

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Went through this a year or so ago. The Baidu spider was hammering a forum and I blocked it because after hundreds of thousands of hits they sent me a grand total of 1 visitor. Let it sit for a while and then removed the block to see what would happen. Today I noticed that… Read more »

Problem with SyntaxHighlighter and 2 character strings

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Had a very odd, very frustrating issue come up trying to get SyntaxHighlighter working on a project I’m working on. When the code to be highlighted was only two characters long it would blank it out and the code would display empty. After much digging I found this little bit of code inside of the… Read more »